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Monday, May 30, 2011

All about water

Above the water (W Wood-Pewee)

At the water (female C. Yellowthroat)

Under the water (oops! Let me explain)

The leaves were falling off the cottonwood trees on this, another triple digit day, so I watered them. While I was at it I watered a few other things. Apparently a rabbit had a den under the mulch inside a tree basin, and it filled with water. Suddenly 2 baby rabbits were in water at my feet. In my haste to rescue them I only got this blurry photo of their heads. Then I took them out of the water and checked up on them until dark. No adult ever showed up, although they appeared healthy. I think they're orphaned. So sad.

Also saw this American Pipit with a wing injury foraging along the water.

Just another day at a West Texas oasis. Tomorrow I have to clean more dried mud out of the above tank and sift sand. Friends are coming to help me patch the tank. I'll post pictures of that operation on Wed or Thurs providing my arm still moves. Didn't see hide nor feather of yesterday's stressed warbler. I'm optimistically thinking it recovered and moved on. Supposed to cool down tomorrow. And maybe rain. We installed two more rain barrels today but they won't be plumbed in until Wed.

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