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Thursday, October 3, 2013

I missed the excitement

My 2 sisters called me that they, and my niece, watched a mother bear with 3 cubs foraging in the arroyo by their places, which are about a mile down the arroyo from my place. But I was in Alpine and missed out. They took some poor quality video and photos of the hour long event that ended when the bears went to nap in the shade. Sure wish I had been there with my telephoto lens, but at least they were able to document the sighting.

In the top photo it appears that all 4 bears were standing on their hind legs eating persimmon and/or sumac berries from the trees. Or maybe that's just two of the 4 bears and their shadows. I wasn't there so I don't know.

The other day I heard something moving around in the arroyo beside the oasis, but didn't see anything when I went to check. There were probably bears hidden in the vegetation. I was expecting to see javelina, and I could tell none were there, so didn't give it any more thought. In the future, I'll be more aware and hopefully get some good bear photos. Here's the video they took.

Tomorrow I'm going to the oasis for 4 days. Can't wait! Counting the minutes. In all the years I've been there, I've only personally seen a bear on two brief occasions. I never saw cubs.

Here is the latest baby photo from Brian of a future Ornythion Swallowtail, hopefully.


  1. There are no bad photos of birds or bears!!!:) Just some better than others. Really, what I wanted to pass on to you is that 2 days after we had been at your place (9/23) we were leaving Big Bend to go home. We stopped at Panther Junction for a break. As luck would have it, a family came in excited to report a mother bear with 3 cubs 12 miles north on 385. We were headed out that way and was hopeful to see them. No luck, when we got to that area they had moved on or were hiding. Sounds like they were going to your place. Good luck, I hope you see them.

    Marlin Andrus

  2. That could be the same ones, but more likely this is a good bear year. Lots of sightings in the park too. I'm going to be vigilant looking for some. It may take a few weeks, but I think I'll see them eventually.