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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A little this and that

Got to the oasis to a cold windy day, followed by a cold rainy day (a slow 10 hr soaking that ended up measuring over ½"), so I decided to clean house. I'm glad to have it done, without giving up prime outdoor time.

If you enlarge the above photo you might see the orchid bloom in a pot on the floor, and an orange on the orange tree (the latter is hanging down directly above the right coffee table corner). It's normal size and should be ripe in about a month. I have always had a weather shade over the skylight to keep that room a little cooler in summer. Since the house is earth-sheltered, this room is 2 stories underground on the back (right) side. The walls are solid rock, 14" thick, and the house was completed in 1979.

Anyway, in the process of cleaning I put an extension ladder inside the planter box and pruned out some dead vines from off the wall, and tied the orange tree into a more upright position. Looks so much better, but it was a killer job for me.

Here's the view as I left my beloved oasis this morning. You can see a little cloud cover above Nine Point Mesa in the background.

A long-time friend, Harry Forbes, took this great photo of Cassius Blue butterflies, male and female, today. I've never even seen that species so I'm pretty impressed that he got them both, and with wings open too.

Back in Alpine I was stressing from being indoors for the last few days, so I went butterflying, and found one species that was new for me, a Sachem Skipper.

That will fix me until tomorrow.

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