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Friday, November 15, 2013

Warmer and more birds

The day started out calm, and even though it was only 38°, it warmed up fast. Had a nice variety of birds today and managed to get some small projects done. I hesitate to say small because each little project turned into a long one. But I persevered and got them done. One lone Cedar Waxwing hung around all day, but wouldn't let me get close enough for a decent photo.

This Great-tailed Grackle was minding his own business when he almost got nailed by an accipiter. The hawk was so close on his tail, like a foot away, that I was already trying to figure out how I could photograph the action, but the grackle somehow escaped. He left the premise directly, without a pause. I felt bad for him because he had only been here about an hour and was acting rather weary when he arrived.

Tomorrow I hope to focus more on butterflies.


  1. The Waxwing is funny-looking but also very cute. What ever happened to the pursuing hawk?

  2. The hawk dove right past me and disappeared under some trees and bushes. I think it was a Sharp-shinned, and I don't think they usually prey on birds nearly as big as they are, but the grackle may have looked vulnerable somehow.