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Monday, December 30, 2013

Never too much of a good thing

Guess where daylight found me, again? Yup. A 4 hour round-trip drive to spend two lovely hours, but it was worth it.

And besides, I needed to hang the larger feeder. This ought to fix 'em up.

There were 5 hummers at the above feeder at the same time there were 5 at the adjacent feeder. Can you spot all 5 on the above photo? You might need to enlarge it to do so. My big lens wouldn't zoom out enough for me to include both feeders in the photo. I know, I could have used my iphone camera like I did on the first photo above, but didn't want to waste time looking for it and figuring it all out when my big Canon was right in my hands at the time, ready and waiting on the Blue-throated Hummingbird.

Some very nice birding acquaintances from San Antonio dropped by to see the Blue-throated. He did show up a couple of times, but the place was rather busy with vacationers and whatever, so we didn't  observe the elusive hummer visiting any feeders. Nevertheless, we were able to get a few not-so-good photos (speaking for my photos only).

Actually, when I arrived at 8 AM, I was pretty certain I heard and saw him at one of the tower feeders, but I had tools, ladder, feeder, ant guard, wire, and I don't know what all I was carrying toward the tower at the time, so I wasn't positively positive. And I don't want to forget to mention the leaf blower nearby at the time. Have you ever noticed how deafening those things are?

Of course, as always happens, I get somewhere without everything I intended to bring. As I went over my mental checklist in bed last night, I resolved to take a second jug of sugar water. But somehow when getting out the door this morning, it didn't happen. So the big feeder isn't topped off. However, a wonderful employee at Lajitas, Laura Gold, promised to take care of the feeders until Kelly and I get there on Jan 7. And it remains to be seen if I can stay away from there that long, anyway.

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