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Monday, January 27, 2014

Critter cam results

Late yesterday afternoon lots of doves visited the feeder.

There were some photos (I deleted) of them feeding there even after it was dark. Then a fox (probably Gray Fox) appears. The cage bars sure weren't a deterrent to the fox. (The top of the cage is covered with the slanted wire panel.) At first I thought the fox is eating a dove, but I don't think it could have captured a dove inside the cage with the impediment of the wire. That's a stake in front of his head that holds the cage in place.

A few minutes later a javelina tries to uproot the cage.

Then the fox returns.


  1. So how did the fox get in?

    1. I think he had to have gone through the wire mesh, but next time I'm down there I'll check closer to see if there is any other way. I wanted to put a pic of him/her with head through the wire but guess I'll have to post it. Can't figure out how to put it in this reply.