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Friday, January 31, 2014

Lovely day

Got to the oasis mid-morning and didn't see much to photograph. I guess it's fair to claim that I'm more passionate about photography than the subject matter. How else can you explain me taking pictures of flies on poop, neither of which I have the least interest in? I suppose the fox is the owner of the poop since the contents are mostly birdseed. The flies were huge.

The cam caught the Gray Fox in the daylight today.

For the month of January, I've documented 6 species of butterflies at the oasis. Helps make winter more tolerable. But not much. They are Sleepy Orange, Dainty Sulphur, Southern Dogface (first one today), Checkered White, Desert Checkered-Skipper, and Reakirt's Blue (pictured below).

Lots of sparrows around too. Either this is a different Fox Sparrow or the same one as I saw 2 weeks ago (post of Jan 13).


  1. Based on the 2 daytime pbotos you posted of the fox, it is a gray fox, no doubt about it.