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Monday, November 2, 2015

New camera

I upgraded my used Canon Rebel Xti to a used Rebel T3i. It has way more pixels plus does video. And because they're both Rebels, the learning curve has been acceptable. I still don't think I have it taking as sharp a picture as my Xti but hopefully I will. The sensors were bad on the Xti, I think, because the pictures came out full of spots and blotches. Now they don't, but I guess conceivably the problem could have been dust inside the camera. Anyway, there was nothing, absolutely nothing, interesting to practice on so this is the best I could come up with. Have to start somewhere.

Autumn Meadowhawk

Selasphorus hummingbird, probably a Rufous

Tomorrow we'll be doing our banding circuit, so maybe I'll get some more interesting practice. When my professional photographer son visits over Thanksgiving I'll get him to give me pointers and set the camera to where I'll get the best quality possible, although I think I have it set right.

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