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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Butterflying with Brian

Brian visited recently and gave me glimpses into a world I wouldn't otherwise see. For example, here are some Tawny Emperor eggs he found in the vicinity of where I saw my lifer Tawny a couple of months ago.

And some Tawny caterpillars...

Next is a pupa hull (exuvia) from one that successfully hatched (eclosed).

And here's a Tawny pupa (chrysalis) that was parasitized and failed to eclose. Apparently that's very common. 

And here are photos I took of Tawnys at his feeding station. When I shooed them away from the net for a better photo they shot straight to the top of the highest tree. So much for that.



Here's Brian looking for Question Mark caterpillars in a neighbor's hackberry tree. (With neighbor's approval.)

And here is a Question Mark caterpillar on a small hackberry leaf. It's that tiny dark spot on the leaf. I measured it. It's less than 1/8" long.

While I was waiting on Brian to find whatever he was looking for yesterday I shot my best in-flight shot of a Red-Tailed Hawk.

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