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Monday, November 13, 2017

Worked til I dropped

I made it until almost 4 PM, then couldn't go anymore. Left Alpine this morning after catching up my work there. Then when I got to CMO I unloaded a kitchen table that had been given to me. I'm excited about it because the guesthouse is 40 years old this year and never had a silverware drawer in the kitchen. So today is the day.

When I unloaded the table I noticed the porcelain top had been painted. Couldn't have that. So I spent hours with a scraper and oven cleaner before I was ready to put it in the space I had made for it.

I love it! It has two pullout breadboards too. The table originally had a stool that pulled out, but I only know that because I looked it up online. Here's one that recently sold on ebay for $1000.  

You see, when I built the guesthouse 40 yrs ago, it was with the idea of it being temporary living quarters while the house was being built. I never expected to live in it for two years, but that's how long it took for the house to get done. Now, instead of it being a storage area as I had intended, it's a guesthouse. I would have done it a lot different had I known it was going to be a guesthouse. It's good that I no longer have to put the silverware tray on the counter, since there is virtually no counter space.

I don't like the large noisy refrigerator in there, or that tiny one. At some point I plan to get rid of them and put a medium-sized or apartment-sized refrigerator in there. But as long as the big one works, I don't bother. 

By the time I got done doing all that I was tired, but pushed on wanting to get the potty shed painted. I just couldn't finish though. Will finish in the morning. As with every project, something unexpected arises and makes it take longer. Like I totally didn't know the table had been painted. Well, I couldn't paint the potty shed with that yucca up against it. A new one had sprouted nearby, and I couldn't think of any reason to keep the bigger one. At first I tried to protect myself from the thorns with a blanket, but still couldn't get the ladder close enough.

So I went up to the house and got a chain and pulled it out with my pickup. But I'm old and slow and tired, so everything is a big task. I'm just grateful I can even do it, fast or slow.

As fast as time flies, it'll soon be spring and I'll be ready!


  1. Really like the table. I think I can remember my mother having one of those when I was 4-5 years old. I don't usually like to remove plants but the shed looks better with it gone.☺

  2. I know, I hate to remove plants, but this one will only get bigger and poke visitors to the potty shed. Yuccas grow like weeds here. I found a new home for the yucca.