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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Better day today

I woke up with my back functioning and no wind. Put a new faucet on the west one at the oasis and it's working fine now.  A lot of mud came out when I took the old faucet off but not sure if the faucet was bad or the larger diameter pipe blew it out. Main thing is it's fixed.

My son came and loaded the old refrigerator for me. I put the guesthouse back together before heading to town.

Haven't done anything about the dresser coupling yet. Mulling it over, but I did cover some of the exposed pipe. My son thinks the pipe will break if I eliminate the dresser coupling and make it one solid pipe. So I'm thinking about making some kind of sleeve as a coupling that I can clamp on. It might be out of a radiator type hose or something, but would overlap the edges like 6" or so, so that it can't come off. Maybe a bad idea. Maybe if it's glued together it won't actually break. Studying the situation. Maybe I can find a longer dresser coupling.

Heading back to town I had a 30 minute delay as an ambulance from the south (Terlingua) met up with a air evac helicopter to transfer a patient. Heck, it would have been just as fast if the ambulance had continued on to Alpine, but I don't know any of the circumstances or details.

My back hurts but I figure anytime I actually use it, it's going to hurt. As long as it's usable, that's OK.

Through the years I've posted photos from Lajitas, but this one is the best! Taken by Todd Leckie.

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