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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lucifer Hummingbird nest

For quite some time I've been determined to find a Lucifer Hummingbird nest. After extensive research and fruitless searching, I concluded they must be nesting in Cholla near the top of the talus slope on the mountain above my oasis. Sunday I climbed to one area and found nothing. Today 3 of us climbed a more promising area where my sister had found a hummingbird nesting in a Cholla in early April of 2007. She didn't know what kind of hummer it was and a picture of it wasn't good enough to be certain. However, I've never heard of a Black-chinned (the only other option) nesting in a Cholla, and that's one of Lucifer's favorite places to nest. The climb is arduous, to say the least. We eventually found 2 nests in Chollas, but neither was in use. One was unfinished and old, perhaps early spring, and had an abandoned egg in it. The other appeared to have already fledged its nestlings. This is the old one with the egg. Click on photos to enlarge.

This one looked more recent but appeared stretched from having been full of nestlings. I think I see cotton inside from the supply I put out for birds to use. I even posted photos of a Lucifer collecting some of that cotton (see May 28).

Monday, June 14, 2010

Hummingbirds galore

I've got the most hummers I've ever had in June. About half are Black-chinneds and half are Lucifers. There must be at least thirty. Female Lucifer pictured below.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Unidentified Pewee

While sitting in the shade on this hot afternoon enjoying the company of Joanne Kamo and Greg Lavaty from Houston, Joanne brought our attention to a flycatcher perched near where she was sitting. After we all took photos of it, our best guess was Greater Pewee.

Update: I'm pretty sure, as much as possible, that it is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. Thanks to everyone that weighed in here and on Texbirds.