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Sunday, September 22, 2019

The price of water

Seems whenever we get our rains I spend all my time wrestling with stiff hoses and cantankerous pumps. But so worth it as long as my body can hang in there.

It was rainy and overcast the last two days and very little flying. Lucky to get these two common species.

Red Admiral

Great Spreadwing

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Finally Pacific moisture

The oasis got a big rain during the night last night and we're under a flash flood watch tonight. Only two more days left of summer monsoon season, but Pacific hurricane season lasts another two months. We're good. The oasis is secure for at least another year. And hopefully for many more now that I have that new tank.

Pumping from the upper settling pond to the stucco tank

Things are looking nice and lush. It's hard to enjoy when I've been fighting pumps and hoses all day. Wet and muddy, too. I didn't see any interesting odes today but photographed a couple common ones.

Male Blue Dasher

Male Eastern Amberwing
Also saw a splendid Black-tailed Rattlesnake. I didn't notice his tail wasn't on my photos until he was gone, or I would at least have tried to coax him to show it. (It was showing when I reached for my camera.)

Friday, September 20, 2019

Doin' my thing

Got up early this morning and headed to the oasis to start watering. For days I'd been hearing a Golden-fronted Woodpecker and was frustrated I couldn't locate it. Today while watering, with camera hanging on my shoulder, I got lucky. For one minute it landed in a nearby Netleaf Hackberry tree and gobbled up berries.


I have one Chinkapin Oak tree that has never had acorns on it so I figured it was a male tree. The bears have left it alone. Well, it's loaded with acorns this year. I hope the bears don't destroy it too bad. Maybe the Golden-fronted Woodpecker will beat the bears to the acorns. That would be lovely.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Odessa in the rear view mirror

So glad yesterday's and today's Odessa trips are behind us, and my husband is happy with his cataract surgery.

I hastened to the oasis hoping to satiate myself in odes for a few days. Coming from Alpine I saw where rains had been spotty. Sunshine through the clouds was spotty too.

Terlingua Ranch road had obviously had a recent deluge, but by the time I neared the oasis, not a drop anywhere. Figures.

I arrived before 8 PM and it was already getting dark out. But I'll get a full day tomorrow. Have to water too. Nothing at the oasis has had any precipitation for 10 days. Can't procrastinate any longer. Luckily, I can water and hunt odes at the same time. Just means the inconvenience of carrying binoculars and camera on me while I drag hoses around, etc.

Beebrush is blooming everywhere. Maybe some interesting butterflies will show up too.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Charging my batteries

I needed to fortify myself for the next two days of two trips to Odessa for my husband's cataract surgery, so I went to the oasis to watch dragonflies. The mosquitoes were bad, and I only saw the same odes as I saw two days prior. But still feel more ready to face the next two days.

The highlight for me was seeing the Chalky Spreadwing still hanging around the dragonfly pond. I took a bunch of photos of him, hoping to get a better shot than last time.

And also a bunch of photos of an Olive-sided Flycatcher, hoping to catch the white rump patch. No luck there, unless this white flank patch counts.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Lovely day!

The weather was perfect, no mosquitoes yet, so I spent a couple of hours just sitting by the dragonfly pond.

I saw two species that had been documented at the oasis only once before. One was this female Great Blue Skimmer. Years ago Kelly Bryan had photographed that species at the oasis, but I didn't get a photo of it. Not sure I even saw it. So this is a new species for me.

Last month I discovered the first Chalky Spreadwing at the oasis, but it wasn't a mature male like the one I found today, so that was exciting too.

I can only imagine what great species I'd discover if I spent more time looking. I found another interesting species at the back water feature but it disappeared before I could identify or photograph it.

Only saw one Lucifer Hummingbird today, a juvenile male. Either something they love is blooming elsewhere or they're migrating early.