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Friday, March 30, 2012

First banding for 2012

Kelly Bryan came down because I had a Ruby-throated Hummingbird, which is the first one we've had in this area for the month of March, so we wanted to band it.

It's also unusual in that it had a couple of white (leucistic) wing feathers.

As Kelly explained to me, it was born last year and hasn't gotten it's adult gorget yet.

Here's an empidinax flycatcher that showed up after Kelly left. Not sure what it is yet.

Update: Kelly thinks it's a Dusky Flycatcher. I'll go with that.

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  1. I really miss hummingbirds now that I live in Sweden. We don't have them over here in Sweden. They could never take the cold. Of course I'm not far behind them. Though I'm told by some African immigrants here that they have them in their countries down in Africa.

    I not only had some feeders, but also native plants that they loved. Although it's common to see them protecting and chasing away competiters from the covenetional feeders, they also will skakeout and lay claim to a favourite bush which may be in flower, like my Cleveland Sage or California Fushia.