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Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday help

Got down to CMO last night with son and granddaughters. Put him to work first thing this morning. Just little odds and ends that I couldn't do by myself. Feels so good to have those chores done. He and the girls gathered me some sotol so I could finish my windbreak in the courtyard. You probably forgot all about that project, but it was literally staring me in the face whenever I entered the courtyard.

Here's the sickly Mexican Elder tree I'm trying to protect. Next year by this time I expect it to look a whole lot better.

Also got Lee to help me move a seed feeder to where it can be enjoyed better by birds and people. I was able to handle it alone except for the heavy concrete base. Can't wait to start enjoying good birds there. Should have had it there those five months the Varied Thrush hung out in that area.

And have some impressive fall color these days.

Apricot tree

Chinkapin Oak

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  1. Sotol may be related to yuccas and agaves but it is useless for giant skippers.