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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another sunrise

I've photographed a lot of sunsets, but sunrises can be awesome too. Here's how the mountain to the west of the tank looked for a short while this morning. The Eared Grebe is in the shadow beneath the dark bushes on the right. You can barely make it out.



  1. I knew I forgot to do something while down there this past weekend - figure out how to visit your oasis! Water - did it ever rain Wed night at Big Bend Ranch State Park! Your pond looks like it was much the same.

  2. Sorry you didn't contact me for a visit. The water in my ponds is from June. Only got .1" recently. Not enough to even wet the ground.

  3. Water looks good to me as I have seen it in really bad shape !

  4. Thanks for helping the birds and wildlife out your way. You are a very kind hearted individual!