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Sunday, November 18, 2012

CMO to the rescue

Got a call about a grounded Eared Grebe at a friend's (Bonnie Wunderlich's) place about 40 minutes from here so I dropped everything and rushed to pick up the bird. Promptly released it in my biggest tank. I had an Eared Grebe here for a week in 1998. It was here from Nov 19 - 27. This one will probably stay a week also. 

When I put up this snag I never envisioned it this loaded with doves.

Just before dark I checked on the grebe and it was feeding on gambusias like crazy!

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  1. Carolyn, excellent video captures! Gives you a true appreciation of the physical build of a grebe and just how awkward it is on land. That bird is lucky that it landed in your friend's yard and that your oasis was blessed with rain this year.I notice the frogs are rapidyl getting out of the grebes way!!!