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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meal worms reconsidered

I almost caught a mockingbird in the act of nabbing a meal worm and it made me rethink the feeding of meal worms. During spring migration when the mulberry trees are loaded with mulberries for hungry migrants, swarms of mockingbirds police the trees, attempting to keep everything else out. Am I giving the mockingbirds an unfair advantage by fattening them up in the winter? Some warblers and other songbirds of declining numbers might be negatively impacted by this. Man is forever tinkering with nature and it usually isn't in the birds' best interest. I'm thinking I should focus on growing millions of meal worms for spring migration instead.

Today I had 4 lovely ladies visit, two of whom share my name. That unique event called for a photo op.

Left to right: Carolyn Oldham, Carolyn Molsbee, Gail Morris, Jerri Kerr. 
The meal worms I ordered online arrived in Alpine (without prior notice or tracking number) where my husband is babysitting them until I get to town later in the week. Meanwhile, Sue Heath and Tad Fennell brought me a bunch to tide me over until I can bring the town ones down here. I made a meal worm feeder today. Will photograph it tomorrow, hopefully with something eating meal worms from it.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your oasis, Carolyn!

    Bundled and unrecognizable from left to right: Carolyn Oldham, Carolyn Molsbee, Gail Morris, Jerri Kerr.