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Friday, December 21, 2012

Unpredictable birds

Usually the Varied Thrush eats lots of grapes. Today he came for a couple early in the morning, then got distracted rooting around in the deer feed I spread a couple weeks before his arrival in October (see posts of Oct 6 and 11). Maybe there's a connection. I've occasionally seen him there, but not like he did today for almost the whole day.

I took lots of photos hoping to be able to determine whether he was finding bugs under the deer feed, or eating the feed itself. Originally, the feed was moldy and nothing went near it, but after being exposed to rain and sun for months, it seems pretty well sanitized.

I could never detect any insects in his beak, so I'm leaning toward thinking he's eating the feed.

This is the only photo that seems to show something in the beak. I couldn't get as close as I would have liked because that sent him scurrying for cover. I guess those deer pellets are a good source of protein. Just to cover all bases, though, I ordered a bunch of live meal-worms online.

Meanwhile, a Green-tailed Towhee is checking out the grapes. It never did eat one though.

Now the days start to get longer. That always cheers me up.


  1. From Terri
    Carolyn, I'm growing fond of this guy. I love following this story and seeing your wonderful photographs of him. Is there only one Varied Thrush, no female? What a beaut that Green tailed Towhee is!
    Following your blog has made me put Christmas Mountains and Big Ben on my list of trips to make. I was in Texas twice lately, Waco area. Was there for 5 days in Oct and back there just after Thanksgiving for 8 days. I know Waco is a very long way, probably 500 miles or more from where you are. But I was in Texas, so kind of the same vicinity when you live in South Carolina! I used to live out there, four different places, (1979-1986). Have traveled Texas extensively. I've been to most counties north of I-10, all counties east of San Antonio and then down to Corpus/Padre Island. All on road trips. I know the area where you live is very different though. I hope to be there sometime.