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Monday, February 8, 2016

Pinyons and stuff

The first trees I planted at the oasis were four Mexican Pinyons. At the time I understood Remote (Papershell) Pinyons would be the most suitable for my elevation and climate but I couldn't find any. I was told the surest way to kill Mex. Pinyons was to give them too much water. This was 20 years ago. So I watered them a little, and figured when they looked like they were dying that I was watering them too much. Only when it became obvious they were dying and I had nothing to lose, did I water them heavily. They perked up and all survived and now are doing good, although during the drought a couple looked really bad. They get the little pinyon nuts on them every year.

My favorite trees are always the evergreens, and since I originally set out to get only pinyons, I guess they were my favorite choice. I love palm trees but have had no luck with them.

About ten years ago I found some Remote Pinyons for sale and purchased four of them. I was surprised when they didn't seem to do as good as the less suitable Mexican Pinyons, but they are trucking along, slowly but surely. This winter is the first time I've had any pinyon nuts on any of them, so that's exciting for me.

My habitat is just as important to me as the wildlife it attracts. Lovely that I can have both, although water is a determining factor in both, and I'm not comfortable with the water situation right now. I'm rationing big time and hoping for the tanks to fill up sooner rather than later. I'll always have enough habitat for Lucifer Hummingbirds and dragonflies, etc., just maybe not as lush a habitat as I would want. And of course, I can always attract birds with seed feeders like this American Goldfinch from yesterday.

And I'll believe this when I see it....

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  1. I wish I had Pinyon trees. This reminds me of growing up in New Mexico and eating Posole stew with pinyon nuts for New Years each year. Yum.