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Sunday, March 6, 2011



Here's a photo I took of an accipiter this morning. I think it's a Cooper's Hawk. Click to enlarge.

The electric company is still working on my place. I had so hoped they'd be done by now. Shortly after daybreak today, SUNDAY, no less, they were loudly putting up a new bigger pole beside my guesthouse where a few weeks ago they had replaced the previous pole. I guess the previous replacement pole wasn't tall enough. This too shall pass. Or so I keep telling myself.

 At least by working long hours 7 days a week they should be through quicker, which will benefit the Elf Owls. My reasoning is that they'll have all the old poles down so the owls won't try to nest in them. Woodpeckers won't have time to excavate new holes, but not to worry, I have my place fully out-fitted with nesting options. Just hung two more last week.

And a parting shot. As I was leaving my beloved place to come to Alpine this morning this deer was standing behind a hill in the road watching me approach.

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