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Friday, January 11, 2013

Great rain!

When I got to the oasis this morning I was pleasantly surprised to see 2.34" in the rain gauge. There was even a nice puddle in the wildlife pond, that had been dry for about 2 months now.

This rain will keep me from having to water for a couple of weeks, plus it put several inches of water in the tanks, which will last another couple of weeks, so that supplies me with water a month closer to rainy season. (The big tank is still full and won't have to be tapped for at least a month.) I'm good.

The Varied Thrush ate some cracked corn from the new feeder. He seems to have taken to the feeder just fine. I'm thinking maybe I'll have my sister just put out grapes every other day when I can't be here. That'll ease some of the pressure, anyway.

I tried putting out meal worms again. I'm sure the thrush was aware of them, but he didn't try any. As usual, the Curve-billed Thrasher made a pig of itself.


  1. A Curve-bill Thrasher being a glutton? Ha! Glad for your rain...that's from the same storm that snowed higher up in town, or is it from both of your recent storms? Very nice, so I'll enjoy with you, since only dry, sunny and record cold forecast up here...

  2. Yes, during the first storm I got snow that melted into a third of an inch of water. The last one just rained for two days, no snow. The last one was the 2.34"