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Friday, July 26, 2013

Never too much rain

I helped band hummers in Ft Davis today and arrived at CMO just barely ahead of a rain storm. When I arrived at 3 PM it was 97°. Within 30 minutes it rained nearly an inch and cooled down to 67°. And if that wasn't weird enough, my sister a mile away didn't even get a tenth of an inch. So all my tanks are full and I've no place to pump the water to that's in the dirt tanks. Tomorrow I'm going to have to catch a bunch of gambusias to put in the dirt tanks so I won't have unbearable mosquitoes in a couple of weeks, coincidentally when there'll be several big tour groups here to watch hummingbirds.

With careful management I should be able to make it through to next year's rainy season now. That's always a relief. Yes sir, yes sir, three tanks full!

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