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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tank is leaking again

I was so sure it couldn't possibly leak after all the meticulous patching I did last winter. But it's leaking 3" per day. Must have sprung a new leak. I just can't drain it and go through all that again. I'll wait until it's empty and try to find the leak. The other tank isn't leaking a drop. One of these years I'm going to have to spend big bucks to get an acrylic liner sprayed on the tank I think. I'm trying to not get too depressed over it.

Everything is green and blooming and lovely. If the weather will stay cool and rainy, things might start to look nearly as good as they did pre-drought.

Here are a couple of photos. The first one is a Cape Honeysuckle that my friend, Bonnie, gave me last year. This is the first time it's bloomed since I planted it in the ground.

And this other photo is some plant that I don't know if is normal looking, or if the leaves have been attacked by some kind of mite or something. Does anyone know?


  1. Bob and I would love to have had the rain that you have had here in San Angelo! We are so happy for you to get all that moisture! I was surprised to see your Cape Honeysuckle, we have one that we had gotten from the Native Plant Farm in Mertzon, TX the hummingbirds just love it. We also have the other plant that came up after our last rain but do not know what it is. Ann Zeller

  2. I thought San Angelo had gotten a lot of rain recently. Looks like none of us will get any in the very near future.