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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Learning in progress

I didn't know mistletoe berries ripened in the winter time.  That's pretty awesome.

With all the mistletoe covered with berries, I expect soon the oasis will host Phainopeplas enjoying the feast. I hope I can get a photo of a Phainopepla eating mistletoe berries. I never have done that before.

I took a load of mulch to CMO and unloaded it today. Wore me out.

On October 10 of last year I posted about my Mexican Amberwing dragonfly that was a first Texas record. I collected a specimen for the experts. Yesterday Kelly delivered it to them in Austin and they confirmed it is indeed a Mexican Amberwing. I was a little unsure since my photos were not that good.

Now I've learned something else. You can catch a dragonfly, scan it, and release it. I saw some examples and they're awesome. I'm going to buy a new scanner and practice doing that this summer. So much to learn and experience and enjoy.


  1. re 'scanning' of insects - I found this link, this lady uses a flatbed scanner for both live and dead insects, including dragonflies - perhaps you want to contact her in order to get some first-hand experience:


  2. My friend first chills the Dragonflies,scans them, then when they warm up they are ready to fly away...watched him do this while in a camping site!

  3. Thanks Andreas and Jane. I can't wait to get started. I'll post the results.