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Friday, January 2, 2015

Major ice storm

Tree limbs are overloaded with ice and crashing everywhere, causing power outages. We went to CMO midday. No electricity there. Barely got back to Alpine before they closed the highway at the big hill.

We're losing some big limbs too. As I was walking out to feed the ducks this big limb crashed from the Elm tree near me. I screamed and jumped. Thought I had been shot.

Moments later the limb you see at the very right edge of the above photo crashed to the ground. It's from this mesquite tree (below). The new year is literally starting off with a bang!

There's a Bufflehead duck in this next photo (taken on our ponds in Alpine) if you can find it. The others are Mexican Ducks with our two domestic ducks.

Ducks on ice
The short while we were at the oasis to fill feeders I photographed my tanks. Traditionally I do it every January 1st but am a day late (but not water-short) this year.

UPDATE: Now it seems the electricity won't be restored before Tuesday, Jan 6, at the earliest. Lines down everywhere and a utility truck hit a pole between Alpine and Ft Stockton causing 30 poles to go down. I'm worried about the Mexican Amberwing dragonfly in my freezer at CMO. So far, we have power here in Alpine. Motorists are stranded all over the place.

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  1. Great photos. I guess you had a little New Years gift.

    Joe Sherfy, Austin