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Thursday, January 28, 2016

A bird! A bird!

That Bullock's Oriole that I had visiting the feeders mid-December in Alpine is back!  Not great photos through a window, but documentary.

The oriole works very hard at getting sugar solution from the feeder.

Three days until February. And in February the hummingbirds will start arriving. How cool is that! Meanwhile, I'm having fun working on my ancestry tree. I was contacted by a distant relative, related through marriage. He had a couple hundred pages of letters written by my first cousin twice removed, per ancestry lingo. (Per my lingo she's the niece of my beloved great-grandmother.)  He shared those letters with me. I'm transcribing them and putting them onto my tree for posterity. Fun stuff!


  1. Why do you not enlarge one hole on your hummingbird feeder for your orioles? That is what I did for my Scotts orioles and my house finches.

  2. That is a good question. The answer is that beside the hummingbird feeder I hung an oriole feeder which the oriole ignored. This was in Alpine. Certain times of year here we have a problem with bees at feeders and can't use an oriole feeder or enlarged hole. At CMO we have that problem year-round.