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Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's resolutions

I didn't bother to make many resolutions since I never really heed any of them for long, but it's always nice to take a little inventory. A few of my usual health-related resolutions and one to go oding and butterflying to the Lower Rio Grande Valley this year. I'm very serious about the few resolutions I've made.

Also I've noted that I'm not very consistent with keeping odonate and butterfly records at CMO. I do keep a daily lists of birds. I've tried a few flawed and inconsistent methods for odes and butterflies. This year I'm trying a new one and determined it'll at least be an improvement. By the new process, in my bird journal, I'll mark a species in every month that I see it. Better than what I had before anyway.

These pages are at the back of my bird journal for 2016 with tabs for easy access. I document bird species daily except for the year-round species, which are recorded on the first page. There are 21 year-round species. I know I'm not going to be consistent at documenting butterfly and ode species daily so I figure I'll try to do it monthly. I'm optimistic that I can accomplish that. I've kept my bird journals since around 1995 (ie. 20 yrs) but have only been into butterflies and odes the last several years.

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