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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Trying to cheer myself up

I saw a couple of gorgeous male Mallards on our pond so decided to photograph them. Before I could get out there some woman walking her dogs down our alley between the house and ponds flushed them off. Grrrr!!!! I said something about it and she glibly stated they'd be right back. Of course, as I expected, they never returned.

So I kept searching for something to photograph, anything. Finally found an American Goldfinch. Better than nothing.

Since we have more pecans on the trees than we have the energy to deal with we are giving some away. One of the people my husband gave some to has been out flailing for hours. Wish I still had that kind of energy. Just glad the pecans aren't going to waste.

Hubby's at the river fishing. He's catching fish but it's cool there too. Since I assured him the next few days are going to be warmer he's going to hang in there. If he came home he'd just wish he was back there.


  1. Nice Goldfinch shot. Looks like he's trying to figure out how to eat a pecan!

    Connie and I are on our way down to Big Bend and hope to get out to the Oasis if that's OK with you.
    Good Birding..

  2. Absolutely! Find some interesting birds while you're there.