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Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve day

Checked out the hummer situation at Lajitas and then to CMO and back to Alpine. During my peregrination I was speeding (not literally) down Highway 118 when I had to brake for a family of javelina crossing the road. They were moving fast so all I got was this one shot with the closest camera I could grab as the momma screeched to a halt for a split second before catapulting away, baby practically underfoot. Such a cute baby!

National Geographic Channel is showing a series called Badlands, TX. I've enjoyed watching it so far. It moves a little slow but it captures the spirit and ambiance of S Brewster Co perfectly. It's based on the murder of La Kiva's owner, Glen Felts by Tony Flint. I think it's egregious that Flint wasn't even found guilty of so much as aggravated assault.

So when I drove past La Kiva today I stopped and took a couple of pictures. New owners have totally remodeled. It has reopened but doesn't serve food yet.

At CMO there was still a trace of snow on the mountain.

I usually don't post photos of this mountain (Williams, by name) because when I bought land here it was pristine. Shortly thereafter, before I could get a surveyor out, a fly-by-night mining company bulldozed that road across it. I got it stopped, but not in time to save the beauty of that mountain. My land goes a ways above that road. I've fought to protect my land for nearly 40 yrs. It can be a constant battle from poachers, loose cattle, cactus collectors, hunters, and more. Just because you own land doesn't mean it's protected.

Until next year!!!


  1. Too bad you couldn't get the bulldozing stopped sooner.
    Do you get many mule deer and javelina along with other critters on your land to get photos of? I remember about the bear. lol
    Hope you have a happy new year, Carolyn!


  2. Yes, plenty of deer and javelina and other critters.

  3. If I knew then what I know now I could have prevented the destruction.

    1. Kind of thought you might have plenty of critters. :)

      Yes, it's often too late when dealing with issues that turn into legal matters. You have made the best of it though.