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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Real versus fake

Still hibernating in town. No need sitting around CMO just burning up firewood and reading. Can do that better in town where things are more convenient. I try to take heart in the thought that the only month I haven't seen a Lucifer Hummingbird is January, so how bad can it be?

The only dragonflies to be seen are fakes. Still pretty though.

 Here's our fake bird and a real bird on our pond here in town today.

Actually, I hate having a fake flamingo, faded or otherwise, in our pond, but my husband demands it. Don't like the tree cages either but whenever we take one off too soon, this is what happens.


I had to re-cage this one after the deer did their antler-rubbing on it. Eventually the trunks get big enough that the deer don't bother them.

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