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Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter is hard

I have a hard time dealing with winter every year. I need to figure out a way to spend more time in a tropical place. We used to go to Mexico before it became so unsafe.

Here's a photo my sister took today of my mountain. I think it's really beautiful. As always, I'm there in spirit.

And next is a photo I like of my son, Leonardo, taken Christmas Eve by my daughter's father-in-law. Leonardo is a photographer and took the family photos at our get-together. 

We hope to get together more often. It would be nice if my other son, who lives in Alpine, could be there, but he wasn't able to. He bought a business in town and it really keeps him tied down. Leonardo had planned to spend the last few days in Colorado with his girlfriend's family but the road closures have slowed him down. He's in Amarillo tonight. If travel conditions permit, he and his three daughters will be in Colorado tomorrow. They had planned the trip for a long time. Christmas vacation is the only time he gets enough days off work.

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