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Saturday, December 26, 2015

CMO for a day

Early morning driving at sunrise with the Christmas Mountains in shadow in front of the Chisos.

Trying to catch up with work in town but made a quick trip to CMO to water and service feeders. Many of my blog followers are asking if I'll have enough water. Well, technically, there's never enough, but I'm determined to get by until the tanks fill up. Hauling water is not an option. Tanks aren't leaking so maybe that'll help. I normally try not to use water from this big tank until April, or preferably May. What is gone from here is from evaporation. Still should have five feet left though.

The stucco tank supply has to be severely rationed to make it through until mid-spring. I'm being very frugal with water. Winter won't use much, but when the weather heats up in the spring evaporation becomes more intense. Hopefully, we'll get lots of rain this winter and next spring.

Also I put a bubbly wrap floating cover on the round rock tank. It holds a month supply. I'm going to pump it full one of these days soon and see if that won't make a difference (photos when I do.)

I just have Anna's Hummingbirds now but in eight weeks Lucifers will be back.

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