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Friday, December 11, 2015

Lajitas continuation

I knew something had to be done about making the walkways safer at Lajitas. Here is the old dangerous walkway surface. This happened because the rock that was originally used for flagstone was softer than the concrete.

I had envisioned how neat it would be if they cleaned out those cavities and poured them full of various earth-toned colors of concrete. But not gonna happen. Here is the project as it looked when I was there yesterday. Maybe they're just pouring a subfloor and will put lovely rockwork on top of it. I don't see how they would dare leave it smooth like this. If they were going to do that they surely would have roughened the surface. Yup, must just be a subfloor because the walkways get wet by the sprinklers at least once a day and they also slope considerably in places.

I saw a few pretty butterflies yesterday but not positive of the IDs. This first one is probably a Clouded Skipper, though could be a Violet-clouded Skipper. The latter would be a lifer for me.

And this next one is most likely a Little Yellow. The only other option would be a Mimosa Yellow. Neither is a lifer.

And I'll conclude the Lajitas venture with this Black Setwing shot. Having no odes at CMO it's just nice to see even these common ones.

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