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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Christmas Bird Count

I guess for the record I should document my day. It started out where I couldn't sleep at all the whole night. I went to bed last night at my usual time, 11 PM. By midnight I took some benadryl in hopes of sleeping. Didn't help, so at 1 AM I took some aspirin, thinking my arthritis was keeping me awake. Didn't help. I probably slept a couple of hours at best. I hate it when I get my adrenaline going prior to an early morning event. I have that problem when we're scheduled to band too, but not usually that bad.

The birder I did the count with was a good birder so that helped a lot. We started at the Fort Davis Historic Site. Very few birds.

I lugged my heavy camera during the whole time. Then when my teammate found a cluster of birds that included a Black-chinned Sparrow, I eventually caught up with him, but the sparrow didn't show again. That's one species I would have liked a better photo of. But we had a fun time anyway.

We met up with Kelly for lunch. I ate too much. When I got back to Alpine I crashed for a 3-hour nap. 

Tomorrow I need to wash the car and pack for Austin. I really look forward to oding there with Desha Melton and Eric Isley.

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