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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Austin day

My first ever time to ode in Austin. I had no expectations for this time of year. Just hoped I'd get lucky and get a lifer or two. I got two lifer damselflies, a lifer moth, and a lifer butterfly, so I did good. Thanks entirely to Eric Isley on the damsels. Let me tell you these damsels are distressing. I would never have seen one without his expert help. He's been frequenting Hornsby Bend, where we went today, for about 16 years and it shows.

The first species is a Rainpool Spreadwing, male and female.

Then this next one Eric is almost positive it's a Neotropical Bluet.

It took to swinging it's tail. I don't remember seeing an ode doing that before.

I can't thank Desha Melton enough for sharing her day with me and doing the driving so I didn't have to deal with Austin traffic.

I added a few bird species to my Travis County list including Pine Warbler.

The biggest surprise of the day was this lifer Zebra Heliconian. I even spotted it and ID'd it without assistance.

The lifer moth I could not get a good photo of. It simply moved too fast. I'm pretty sure it's a Titan Sphinx (aellopos titan).

Can't wait until tomorrow when we're going to do it all over again.

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