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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December Bullock's Oriole in Alpine

I managed to get better photos of the Bullock's Oriole that I saw at our place in Alpine a couple of days ago.

Even captured it with larva in it's beak. It's feasting on the larva inside the pecan hulls.

It seems to be enjoying a bountiful holiday season. Here it is at the hummingbird feeder although I can't see how it's getting any sugar water solution from the place it is, but it must be. It spends a lot of time in that spot and never once tries the ports. I should mention the solution looks milky, but it's clear. Just somehow the way the light was hitting it through the sitting room window where this photo was shot from.

I tried for better photos of a Common Grackle too but this is all I got. It won't let me get anywhere near it. Something in its beak. I think it's a grub from the garden where the tomatoes were.

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