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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Santa's Anna's

Looks like that's all I'm getting for Christmas at CMO this year. I was really hoping for at least one Costa's. Here's the only Anna's that would sit for a photo today. That means it's probably the only one not banded.

The Chinese Pistachio tree has lost its leaves so the red berries really stand out. Unfortunately, I never see birds eating them.

I was watching a butterfly so I could see where it would land in order to get a photo of it. Well, it landed way up inside the top of a big AZ Cypress tree. Not the photo I had anticipated. I guess it's an American Lady. Only saw two butterflies all day. (The other was a Common Checkered-Skipper.)

It was pretty cold. The hummingbird feeders were still frozen solid at 9 AM. I'll be leaving for Austin in a few days. Sure hoping to get some new species to photograph there.


  1. Hi Carolyn, here's the link to some new & fascinating findings about the awesome hummingbirds. Regards, Andreas

    1. Great info, the little fellows never cease to amaze!


  2. I love your blog! I enjoy it all the way from North Carolina, but I'm a native Texan. Thanks!

  3. Thanks, Andreas and Justin! People like you are what keep me going!