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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cabin fever building up

Kids made it safely back to Austin. Still no electricity for my granddaughter in Yukon, OK. In a few hours they'll be starting day 3.

My last Lucifer Hummingbird at CMO was on Nov. 16. At a site three miles south of me the last one was Nov. 24. At a site about 5 miles further south of there a Lucifer is still there today. We'll see how long it stays but so far it's the second from the latest record. (We had one in Terlingua/Study Butte in Dec a few years ago.) Here is the one from today. Photo courtesy Bonnie Wunderlich.

At first I thought it was "old man Lucifer" making his way south, but Kelly disabused me of that notion by reminding me that old man has a slightly deformed bill. (See post of Nov 16.)

Otherwise things are slow and boring. Doesn't take long for me to get cabin fever.

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