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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Heading for town

Felt lucky to get a documentary only shot of "old man" Lucifer Hummingbird before heading to town this morning.

He moves with lightning speed, at least while I'm present. I can tell it's him by his "arthritic" bill. (Maybe a little poetic license here). Not only is he the oldest documented Lucifer, he's the latest November CMO Lucifer record.

Here's a better photo of him showing his "arthritic" bill. This one taken on Oct 30.

Took one last look around before heading out. Making sure feeders are OK, faucets off, etc. Love how a patch of sunlight fell atop Nine Point Mesa.

And here's Nine Point Mesa from another angle along Highway 118 a short time later.

Driving to town I noticed my odometer hit the 111111 mark. Didn't think to take a photo for two more miles. Sorry about the dust. Gonna clean it before Thanksgiving.

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