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Friday, November 6, 2015

Sorting hummers

I haven't finished sorting out Lucifer Hummingbirds yet and now I'm trying to sort out Anna's. Without banding it's pretty impossible. I'm thinking this Pacific front may have brought a new Anna's, or two. Here's why it's so hard to tell.

Here is a photo taken 20 minutes later at a different feeder. No sign of color on top of the head. But is it a different individual or the same one?

You say, "the last one doesn't have as much gorget?" but look again at her on the next photo

My opinion is that it's the same bird. I could be wrong. I usually am. But I just might be seeing a pinkish tone on top of the head. Kelly says these pictures are of a female even though there is some color on top of the head. That's interesting.

In spite of this being November I'm surprised at the fall color since it hasn't gotten even close to freezing. Lows so far in the mid 40s.

Big Tooth Maple

Western  Soapberry

And delighted to see this hairstreak today. On my Butterfly Bush, no less. A double treat!

Faded Juniper Hairstreak

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