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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Annual family time

We were never all together at once until they were heading back to Austin today and we got together at Magoo's Restaurant in Alpine. So I got a customer to take a family photo.

Clockwise, left to right: Myla, Leonardo (son), Eric (son), Annie (Eric's wife) John, Jr, me, Isabel (daughter) John (Isabel's husband), Kaliya, and Erynya. The 3 girls are Leonardo's (he's divorced), and John Jr is Isabel's son. She has a daughter that lives in Oklahoma that can't be here. Wish she could. They're out of electricity today, as are 92,000 other people there, due to a huge ice storm. She sent me this photo of a limb on their roof. May be without for 2 more days.

Here in Alpine it's not so bad. Our biggest pecan tree is hurting. Already loaded with pecans before it got burdened with ice, but it's melting now.

This selasphorus hummingbird (Allen's or Rufous) is sure tough. Ice doesn't seem to faze it.

Photo taken through double-pane window from a nice warm room

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