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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lajitas AGAIN!

Simply could not resist going to Lajitas after I saw nothing interesting to photograph at CMO.

So, I spent the afternoon in Lajitas. I wanted to explore what wetlands they have there and see what I thought were good possibilities for expanding and improving it. A couple of weeks ago the General Manager of Lajitas took me back to the area but the road was washed out and I really wanted to walk around and think about it. While I was at it I forced myself to photograph odes, birds, and butterflies. With my new camera. You know how I must have hated doing that.

This is the entrance to the area. It's between the river and the golf course. To access it you go to the golf shop where the golf carts are and right before you enter the golf course there is the option to turn here. I would love to see this blank sign say "Lajitas Birding Wetlands" one day soon.

When we were there the other day and couldn't get across that washed out area I couldn't really get a feel for the potential there. I'm happy to report they repaired the road today.

And I see great potential there. They just need to plant lots of cottonwoods and mulberry trees to get things started. The biggest problem is that this area will dry out in drought and everything dies back, so they really need to dig it deeper and circulate river water through it. But that may be a lot of red tape getting permits.

This coming weekend is the annual chili cookoff at Terlingua. The place is already turning into a trailer city. So lucky it's only one week a year.

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