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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Black Gap trip postponed

We had to choose between Black Gap or getting a year's supply of hog meat and we chose the latter. The plan is to go to Black Gap this weekend.

Meanwhile, "old man" Lucifer Hummingbird is still at CMO. I was concerned that he may not be up to migrating this year. It seems too much a coincidence that the oldest one is the only one that stayed into November. It's supposed to be a really cold winter this year, although we haven't had our first freeze yet. But Kelly said "old man" is molting, which makes him more prone to stick around a little longer. I learn something everyday (mostly thanks to Kelly). His wing does look a little ragged to me.

The look of fall today.

Velvet Ash tree (Fraxinus Velutina)

Chinese Pistachio (pistacia chinensis)

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