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Friday, November 17, 2017

Perfect fall day weather-wise

This morning I was chomping at the bit to get to the oasis since it was a lovely day and tomorrow is supposed to be quite a bit colder. Got up to 86° today and not a bit of a breeze.

Mostly I just puttered around. Seemed like hard puttering though. First I got a ladder and went to replace an 8 foot fluorescent tube in the kitchen ceiling. Got the old one out and discovered the new one, which I babied all the way from Alpine for fear it would break going over the bumpy road, didn't have the same connectors. So I had to put the old one back in to make the other side of the light fixture work. A wasted hour there, plus I have to try to see if they have the right type and exchange it. I dread hauling it back to town and then hauling another one down. That means I have to tie my ice chest to a corner of the pickup bed so it won't slide into the bulb. Have to pad the bulb, drive slow, can't bring the mulch down with me that needs to come, etc.

Next I went to paint the kitchen chairs in the guesthouse. Seems when you improve one thing, then it just shows up the contrast to things that need improving.

Finally, I decided to change out one of my watering hoses for a longer one that was given to me. It was better quality and didn't have the repair on the line that kept snagging on trees and stuff that my original hose has. But the connector that hooked to the faucet on the longer hose leaked. I did everything I could. So all that was left to do was to replace the connector. I got the old one off, sawed the ragged edge of the hose to be sure it fit snugly, put on a different connector, clamped it back together, tightened everything really tight, and it still leaked, though not as bad. Another hour wasted. So I just added a short hose that didn't leak to the faucet and made it to where the leak was under a tree. I can live with that. Once I quit watering and turn off the faucet it doesn't leak, just while I'm watering. 

By then it was late in the afternoon and I was tired and hungry. Will finish the watering in the morning. But I did go back down later and service the feeders. I saved the perch pieces the bear ripped off and this evening glued some of them back on. Don't know if they'll stay, but it's worth a try.

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