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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Quick CMO check

I'm afraid to stay down there too long because when I'm there I can't just sit around like I'm so good at doing in town. As it was, I watered for a few hours, not the six hour watering that I do in the hot dry weather. Nothing of interest to watch. Still 3 Anna's Hummers. They usually leave sometime in January. The orange tree inside the house has a record number of ripening oranges on it.... 16.

By the time I got to back to town my back was worse than before I left this morning, but not as bad as it was two weeks ago so I'm still optimistic. Most of the time I can stand up straight and walking isn't as painful as before. I can function if I just don't get worse. Was hoping to live another 15 yrs or more. I'm sure a lot more deterioration will occur in that time frame, assuming I can make it that long. So I can't complain how I am now. It's tolerable. My cold is hanging on too. I do pretty good during the day, but then in the evening I have trouble breathing. I hate to take medication unless it's absolutely imperative, so I've been toughing it out. And maybe when spring comes I'll get my adrenaline going and feel much better.


  1. I hope you have a much healthier 2018!

    1. Thanks. I figure if next year isn't a healthier year then my prospects for future years aren't good. Still, I'm so much better off than most of the people my age.