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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Quick CMO visit

I ran down this afternoon to check feeders and things. All dead there. Nothing enjoying the oasis except four Ring-necked Ducks. I probably won't blog much anymore for a few weeks. The purpose is to share the wonderful stuff at the oasis, but this time of year, nothing happening. Didn't even see a hummer in the short time I was there.

However, I'm almost finished with a long post recapping 2017, so don't give up on me totally. I'll wait for a week or so to post it, just in case something exciting happens in the meantime.

If my back is improving it's not really noticeable.


  1. Yes. Time off is good. Some in-house streching for the back, and in-house reading for the mind. Only a bit over a week until the days will start getting longer.

  2. I think about that every day lately. I work crossword puzzles and that entertains me. Those NY Times Sunday ones are killers.