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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Wintery weather

Arrived at the oasis yesterday evening after dark, worried that my potted Tree Tobacco plants would freeze where I had left them outdoors. Luckily, they were OK but last night got way colder, so good thing I put them inside last night. The one I had planted by the new tank was the best looking one, so I planted five more today.

Got up this morning to a bad bout of vertigo. Had to take medication to function, but got done what I needed to. Tree Tobacco not making much of a showing by the tank but I hope it'll look awesome in a couple of months.

I saw some horses grazing on the ranch across the fence from the oasis. Since the rickety fence is pretty useless, I can easily imagine my next battle to preserve my habitat will be with that rich rancher. And it won't be the first time.


  1. Does he not share in expenses for maintaining the fence line? Ah well. I guess I needn't ask.

  2. That's a valid question but it's his legal obligation to keep his animals contained to his property. If I had livestock, then we would probably have to share fence maintenance, but I don't and there's no law I have to help pay to keep animals off my property.

    1. That may not be entirely correct. In many instances if you don't want livestock on your property you have the obligation to build a fence to keep them off. Please refer to this article for some possible exceptions to this.

  3. Brewster County isn't an open range county. I have taken people to court before about their cattle damaging my trees and I've won. Presidio County may be different, I don't know.