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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Not the best laid plan

I decided to demonstrate how the most recent corn feeder version provides a clear shot of the Varied Thrush. Here is the feeder. (I'm crossing my fingers, but the javelina didn't uproot it during the night.)

So I sat and waited for the thrush, planning to get a clear shot of it, something almost impossible to do with the big trash can feeder that required a stile to get over the fence to it for filling. Seems what with the shade from a bush and a branch a few inches above the ground I need to keep tweaking.

While I waited, I snapped a couple more shots of the White-throated Sparrow that's been here all winter also.

UPDATE: After posting this I decided to check out the oasis one last time for the day. It was 6 PM. When I got there I immediately heard a Lucifer Hummingbird. I think this is the earliest I've ever had one here. Got a photo of the male, but the banded female was too elusive.

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