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Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrush gone, I believe

I sat near the feeder for over 2 hours this morning where the thrush always comes in and feeds within 30 minutes of my arrival. It never came in, and I think it left. I'm fine with that, but while the wind wasn't blowing at the oasis, when I got to Alpine at midday, it was raging from the NNW, right in the direction the thrush needs to go.

Here's the last photo I took of it yesterday, gorging on cracked corn.

Of course I can't know for 100% sure it left, but I feel confident that it did or I would have seen it in the time I sat there. I went ahead and dismantled the temporary trash can feeder because the javelina were digging holes all around there, trying to get under the fencing to the corn. If the thrush is gone I didn't want them to be attracted to that area. I plan to take mulch down next trip and refurbish the spot. We're forecast for south winds tomorrow, so hopefully the bird will be fine. It lacked 3 days of spending 4 months at the oasis. Its visit will go down in the oasis annals as one of the highlights. I hope it has a safe trip to its breeding grounds. Who knows, maybe it'll show up at the oasis again this fall.

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